Long Walk

You remember your childhood, right?
First day at school, First friend,
Your first pet, first cycle, red bright?
The biggest tree on the way to school,
Silliest dream, now you think you are a fool.

I remember picking up the pencil
for the first time, from my sister’s bag,
hiding it from her. That day was she ill?
Drawing the first line, circle or dog.

I don’t remember the rest of it...

I stopped drawing one day
Can’t even recall the last one now.
Didn’t realise that was the last day.
Should be an ordinary day, I think now.

School was done, friends moved on.
Our dog passed away, and I too moved on.
I was in college, clearly, god knows how I survived.
I must have been in love, did I break her heart?
Please tell me, at least I cried!

I lost my cycle, I remember that.
don’t remember how it looked like!
I loved taking pictures, I remember that.
What was my first best photo?
Don’t remember what was it like.

I loved winters, summers, and rain equally.
Can’t remember coldest winter
Can’t recall the best summer
I had the best ride during rain, probably!

I'm afraid now,
that I'll forget;
Forget that perfect sunset.
Forget that old friend.
That song I loved,
Oh, what was that again?

Its getting dark,
I probably should head back.

But where?