Opensource is not about cost

I was going through some of the conversations and found that often we think the reason behind The opensource movement is cost. We overused the word free while explaining Opensource which made lot of people think that Opensource is Free as in cost,  its not true always.

It is not about the cost, it never was

People behind the opensource movement thought that to really extend the lifetime of an application, it must be available in source form, which enables the unlimited tuning and improvement of a software product. Source code availability also makes it much easier to isolate bugs, and (for a programmer) to fix them. cost is just an advantage of this Freedom.

So it was never about Free as in cost, Opensource is free as in Freedom.

The advantages

  1. Quality of code : a piece of code undergoes multiple iteration, multiple programmers.

  2. Flexibility : since the source of the code is available, anybody can change the behavior of the code according to their need.

  3. Support : it is possible to port the code to new hardware, to adapt it to changing conditions, and to understand how the system works.

  4. Security : Its is not “security through obscurity” as justified by the expensive products. It is Open Security where it avoids common threats, patterns, and provide security solutions to a variety of security issues.

So share and spread :)