Trying to be Neo of the Matrix

“the Matrix” is arguably one of the best movie that I have ever seen. I think everybody should watch this trilogy.

This article is about:

How I see it, what it means to me, and what I have learned / been learning from it. Its just my view.

Its the question that drives us

Asking question is something which I followed from my childhood, be it home or school, with friends or with boss. with everybody one thing which I did consistently is to Ask questions.

Be shameless, ask question. Don’t think what others think of your question. If they don’t have the question, it means they are not thinking in the direction where you are thinking, which is a good sign.

Why do my eyes hurt?
You’ve never used them before.

When I joined ValleySpeak, I had no clue or insite of product development. Even though I had done few small experiments before, but it was not the complete package. At any given task I used to take 10x more time. First few weeks were hell, there was absolutely nothing that I knew other than OOP ( in theory ). But I never quit, I never closed my eyes because of pain, never even thought of doing so. I wanted to do one thing and only one thing very good, Coding, I thought the rest will come behind the coding ( eventually it did).

So whenever I am facing some problem, I realize that something magical is going to happen if I solve the problem, it keeps me motivated.

I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it

Initially for most of my questions my seniors / lead in team used to reply in one line “Go figure it out..”. I used to think that they don’t want me to learn. I was wrong, I figured out that they are showing me the direction, i.e the way to solve a problem. I should solve it myself and when I solved it independently, they used to give me tougher problems. Later on it became a habit that, go and look for problems and figure out a way to solve it.

Spoon feeding will not take you anywhere.

Nobody has ever done this before.
That’s why it’s going to work

While working on my few ideas I have realized that when you try to do something absolutely stupid or absolutely magical, people don’t get it. Which is not a bad thing. In any case, I will learn at least which direction not to choose.

I just try my best, give it a shot. what am I going to loose in this anyway?

Still I am trying, trying to beat myself, to believe that everything is possible.