Last eight dollars ( Part 3 ) : Interviews - Cold mails and Frogs

We were busy coding the product, the Core engine which can talk to any application. It was exciting times.

A week after, one evening we received an email from JFDI team that we are shortlisted for the first round of interview. We were super excited.

The interview was good, and the same evening we got the email that we are selected for the final round

It was still a dream for us, we did know that we have a good chance to get in.

They notified that we have a final call and that will decide If we are in or out.

The Meng Interview

It was a Skype audio call. Meng Weng Wong took the interview, and it was like a hailstorm of links, whenever we try to explain a feature of our awesome product, Meng sent 3 – 4 links within seconds about similar things which people are already doing and . Our competitors that we did not know existed. At the end of the call we thought we screwed up, we did not prepare well, we did not take this seriously enough.

But then after 2 hours we got an email that We were selected for the next batch.


On the other hand our YC application was not rejected Yet! That was something that we wanted to explore a bit more, But we had no time, we needed to respond JFDI within 5 days.

Cold mail :-)

When I met Utkarsh the next day he showed me an email, from him to Paul Graham and the subject stated “How fast can you reject Us?” and in email he has written that we are selected for JDFI and we want to explore etc etc.

Best part was PG forwarded it to Sam Altman, who was taking over as YC’s new president, he replied genuinely that they don’t know what is going to happen. In the best case, we will be selected for face-to-face round, for which we need to go to US and after that it is not sure, anything can happen. By looking at the circumstances we decided to go with the Frogs.

We needed money for the trip at least for a month, till we get the funding from JFDI. Both borrowed money from our family and friends.

We knew we were little early to the class.